I am the Galactic Center of your Milky Way, now Golden Rose Galaxy. This one has been inquiring with me and we have been having a nice little discussion about various experiences that her soul has undergone. You all have undergone many dramatic and many beautiful experiences. Your journeys on the earth plane have been rich and varied. They have expanded you into more furthering of yourself, they have differentiated your likes from your dislikes and each lifetime has been very different, some similar but the point is that you are not the same soul now that you were before these experiences. They have expanded you deeper, rooted you more firmly to faith, to yourself, to your own light, to the All That Is. They have helped you understand.

What is interesting to me as I hold space for all of you myriad souls in this sector, what is interesting to me is how you become so lost in your own stories that you forget the interconnectedness of each other. This one and many of you have been thrown into many seemingly impossible situations and have found solace and help in one another. Those help lines are still open. (I am in a vast empty space, in the center of delightful nothingness, surrounded by clouds of memories along the rim, like a giant energetic donut. If you look into each little area of the cloud it is pulsing with memories, experiences, and current lifetimes. I am seeing that one pinprick is a life and threads of light from all over the donut rim are going to it, to help and as that pinprick of light helps another it throws out energetic light threads to assist as well. It is forming a beautiful pulsing web of assistance.) Truly you are not alone, truly you have helped many and been helped by many. This cosmic consciousness is not only coming online for it has always been, always been, since the beginning of when the All decided to differentiate. For this is yet another aspect of Source, as am I. As are you. As are we all.

Source is healing as you are healing. And so you connect with your highest aspect of Source and it assists the All. Your world has been in the throws of fear for so long. (I am hearing a low pulsing sound like a very low drum beat that sounds mechanical and unpleasant.)This is the sound of fear that has been emanating from your world to the cosmos. (I am hearing crystalline tones and sounds, light singing and laughter.) This is what has been playing in other sections of your space. Your galaxy has not been in tune. There have been many pockets of this low fear tone and all that goes with it. It has been like an angry machine trying to consume the surrounding joy. Harmony is to return to your galaxy, to your world, to your space, to your cells. This galaxy is but a cell in the All. I am vast but I am small, much like your human form is small but mighty for all of the trillions of cells – worlds – that it contains. You are the galactic center for your own little galaxy of you. When you meditate your harmonize. When you store resentment you are holding the vibration of fear and anger and it affects your whole system. Forgiveness is harmonizing energetically. Harmonize yourselves, harmonize your lives, and you will harmonize your world. The reptilians are aware of this, the dark ones are aware, the AI is mechanically aware. Such energetic discord can no longer coexist which is why the great rending the split will occur, for energetically it is impossible to continue in this way. The tensions, the tones are clashing too much, the vibrational mismatch is too extreme. Do not feel the vibration of fear any longer. Send it high tones of vibrations of love of peace and you will elevate it, which will further the energetic split. Send healing to the fear sound that this one keeps hearing. Change it to angel tunes, to the crystalline worlds. Ask to be an enhanced receptor for crystalline frequencies and you will be. For you are creators. It is easy for you. Many realms and races marvel at this which is why you were so eagerly highjacked. No longer. Sovereignty is returning. But you must claim it by becoming sovereign of your own body spaces your own selves.

I am the Galactic Center of your Milky Way, now Golden Rose Galaxy. I love it when you visit with me and when you sit with me for awhile. I hold space for you in these times and all times. We have been friends for many, many journeys. Your life stories are held within me and I can be an excellent place for the untangling of memories. Send light to your past selves and they will feel it. Send violet flame, send crystalline codes, and all will be affected for within me and my space is the cosmic web of living light, of interconnectedness. I am like the human brain in a way – as neurons fire they affect the all and light up that which needs to be lit. I hope this makes sense to you. It is time that humanity’s understanding of themselves and of their magnificent bodies, of the journeys that they have undertaken, it is time that humans understand and truly believe how special and how loved they are. (I am hearing that fear beat with mechanical undertones become silent. There is a space. A flash. I am blinded by the light and the light runs through me, through all of the galactic center. So that suddenly the void is only light. I try to look at my body and it is only light. I am hearing nothing and then I am back to the void with my friend.) Anchor this light. It is coded within you now. All who are attuned are calibrated. I too am excited for my next stage in evolution, in expansion. Perhaps I will go on vacation. (The Galactic Center is laughing.) The light will be vacation enough from the dark realms that are, are no more. It is time that humanity enjoy the freedoms that are afforded to them. Universal consciousness, awareness and joys are ahead of your journey but also can be right now, for they are within you. You can choose the interconnectedness of this feeling or you can choose to remain but you will feel things shift. For all is vibrating higher. The light is anchored by those that are brave enough to hold it, to ground it.

I am the Galactic Center. It has been my honor and deep joy to connect with my friends. I love you.

**Channel: Galaxygirl