Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now, in this moment of your time, with much news to share with you, ever-evolving humanity.

There are so many shifts that are currently taking place within the higher-dimensional realms, and please know that these shifts are filtering down into the earthly plane at an unprecedented rate.

Last week, the 9:9 Portal saw the anchoring of the Golden Age timeline. We came together, and held the light on our grid points, and worked with our galactic brothers and sisters and ascended beings to all hold space for the exceptional and auspicious anchoring of the Golden Age timeline.

This was deeply connected to the successful reunification of the 144,000 Holy Grail twin flames, and we worked with the sacred sites of Egypt and Avalon to primarily anchor this timeline.

There are no words that can adequately express how powerful and important this sacred work is, and for many of us that participated in the transmission, we are receiving an overwhelming amount of confirmation and synchronicities that indeed the Golden Age timeline has anchored.

However, In order for us to experience the frequencies of the Golden Age timeline, we have to come out of victim mode. We have to realize that we are creative beings, and every moment, life presents us with a blank canvas, and we are free to create the life, the day, the hour, the moment of our dreams in every single moment.

It is so important that we all remember that our role is to be empty channels in order to pull through all of our specific heart desires from the quantum realm, remembering that there is a string that attaches us to every single thing desire in the quantum field.

Therefore, in order to experience the energies of the Golden Age timeline, we have to really transform and up-level our frequency to match this new vibration that is pouring into the earth.

I will go into further and deeper sharing of how to become an embodiment of the Golden Age timeline for all those that attend the after-transmission party, which was a phenomenal success and was deeply beautiful, and I really don’t think any of us anticipated how powerful and exceptional that time together would be.

Please see below for full details.

The energies are now building up towards the Equinox portal, and this is very much connected to the work that we completed on the 99 completion ceremony.

On the Equinox transmission, we, the ground crew, are being asked again to work with the galactics and the ascended beings to open the golden gates to the Golden Age.

This is a very significant and auspicious meditation to participate in, as we are being called to deeply anchor the grounded earthly aspect of the Golden Age timeline into the earthly grid through the opening of the Golden Gateway into the Golden Age.

Please know that the micro is a reflection of the macro, and as we activate and open the Golden Gates into the Golden Age, we are truly opening and activating the Golden Gates into our individual and collective higher fifth-dimensional Christic Self. Therefore, it is always extremely auspicious to participate in ceremonies of such a high spiritual calibre.

In the equinox transmission, we are also being guided to work with the higher self of all of the brothers and sisters that are working in the mainstream media.

We will be sending forth a powerful transmission of enlightenment and awakening to activate their psychic fields instantly, that they may stop their treacherous actions and join humanity on this quest for the celebration of eternal freedom on all realms of consciousness.

In the 9:9 transmission, we worked with the higher self of the police officers on Planet Earth, and since doing this transmission, we have all experienced an unprecedented amount of miracles and breakthroughs with the many police officers and police constabularies all around the world.

This proves that the work of the transmissions is extremely powerful and extremely important for the collective.

Every day, I’m waking up to hundreds of emails from brothers and sisters all around the world, sharing with me that they are coming into sacred recognition and reunion with their twin flame.

This is the most potent twin flame portal we have ever been in, evolutionarily speaking, and the energies that are currently pouring into the earth at the moment are no longer able to support that which is considered a spiritual lie. This is particularly relevant in terms of karmic relationships – any relationship that has been set up based on the vibration of survival and lack., if you are a twin flame, please know that these old karmic relationships are not equipped to move forward in these energies, which is clearing away a lot of debris and opening up space for true divine unions to anchor in this current timeline.

We are living in the most exciting times of our lives.

It is very important that everyone protects the children. The most vulnerable in our society are being targeted at the moment, and it is extremely important that all vulnerable citizens are supported and shielded and protected, and that that is a priority.

We have won this. It is just taking a little time to play out but hold the light, brothers and sisters. We are the ones that we have been praying for. We are the ones that we have been waiting for. God has won truth has won. Love is God. Truth is God. I love you.

Jenji and the white wolf tribe.