Moldavite is an incredible crystal with extremely powerful energy and a very interesting history.

The stone came to earth from an asteroid impact more than 15 million years ago and scattered across European countries.

There are actually craters from the impact in Germany.

With the powers of space and mother earth embedded into the crystal, it is no wonder that it is one of the most sought-after stones for many crystal healers.

But, what does Moldavite do, and how can we use it?

Let’s take a look at this amazing crystal and how it can help us in our daily lives.

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What Does Moldavite Do?

Moldavite is often seen as the most powerful crystal out there, with incredible healing and metaphysical properties. It is a stone of transformation and allows us to change and grow both emotionally and spiritually.

It connects us with higher realms of consciousness and opens our souls up to new and exciting things. 

It is linked to both the heart chakra and the third eye chakra and allows us to balance and harmonize these chakras. It is a great stone for spiritual awakening and spiritual healing. 

11 Powerful Effects Of Moldavite

Pieces of Moldavite

Now we know what Moldavite does, we can take a deeper look into the powerful effects of this crystal and how you might wish to use it in your life. 

Provides Psychic Protection

Because of the potent energy of Moldavite, it is a great crystal for psychic protection. Its intense vibrations provide a protective zone around the wearer, warding off bad energy and intentions. 

It clears the auric field around it, dispelling negativity and psychic attack. 

Aids Spiritual Growth

Moldavite is one of the best crystals to use when wanting to develop your spiritual side.

It is a very transformative stone and allows your spirit to awaken and open up to new ideas and ways of living. 

This stone provides a boost to many spiritual practices and can be used with other crystals to heighten their energy.

It calms negativity and allows us to forget the worries of the world, sparking a new awe for the world and its beauty. It allows us to connect our spirit with the universe.

Brings Good Luck

Moldavite being held for good luck

For centuries, Moldavite has been used as a good luck charm.

This is still one of its uses today, with its intense vibrations amplifying power and energy around it. Wearing this crystal will ward off bad luck and attract good luck.

Allows You To Recieve Messages From Higher Realms 

Because Moldavite is connected with the universe, this crystal can be used to connect with higher realms of existence and receive messages from other souls and spirits in the universe.

Moldavite can help you connect with ascended masters and grow spiritually from their knowledge. 

Moldavite helps you develop your psychic abilities, meaning that you can connect with your higher spirit and find out information that you need in order to be at peace. 

Develops Meditative Practices

Moldavite is the perfect tool when you are wanting to develop your meditative practices.

It creates a safe space for you away from the physical world and allows you to go beyond the body. It is said to allow you to transcend time, giving you the space you need to develop spiritually. 

Its intense vibrational energy clears your mind and aura, allowing you to focus on meditation.

It connects your soul with higher frequencies in the universe, allowing you to be one with your spirituality.

Connects With The Heart Chakra

woman connecting to heart chakra

Moldavite crystals are linked with the heart chakra and can be used to heal it and open it up. The heart chakra is located in your chest and governs emotions and feelings.

When it is blocked or unbalanced, we can find anxiety and trauma disrupting the energy in our minds and bodies. With healing crystals, we are able to connect with our heart chakra and therefore our emotions. 

There are a lot of crystals that are used to heal the heart chakra, but a brilliant one is Moldavite.

What Moldavite does is connect its vibrations to the vibrations in your heart chakra and therefore promotes a steady flow of energy.

Simply meditating with the crystal on your heart chakra will open the chakra up and allow energy to flow. 

Cleans Your Aura

Another use of moldavite stones is to cleanse your aura of negativity and unhelpful energy. Because of its intense vibrations, it is known to dispel and overcome negativity in your auric field. 

When we go through life, the modern world can really affect our auras.

We pick up the energy of other people and electronic vibrations.

When using the Moldavite crystal, we are able to cleanse our auric field with its incredible energy. By doing this, we are able to find ourselves and center our souls on spirituality. 

Heightens Our Sense of Self Awareness

The effects of Moldavite are incredible, and one amazing way that this stone can help us is by allowing us to connect to our true selves.

The stone has energy from outer space and mother nature, and this fills the stone with incredible powers of purity and natural healing. 

We are, deep down, a part of nature and the universe. In society, we might get removed from our real inner wants and dreams because of external pressures.

With Moldavite, we can connect with who we truly are and discover what we are needing to do in order to find inner peace and happiness. 

When working with Moldavite, we are able to discover our true selves and uncover thoughts, feelings, and emotions that might be buried deep within.

The intense power of the stone clears the auric field and allows you to reject societal pressures in order to connect with your true self. 

Improves Memory

Incredibly, Moldavite is often used to improve memory.

Because of its intense healing vibrations, the stone allows the mind and soul to focus on what is important. It connects us with our true selves and allows us to reject things in our lives that do not serve us. 

Because of the powers that Moldavite has, it can improve our memory. It clears our minds and allows sharp focus.

If you are struggling with memory, Moldavite is a great stone to bring into your crystal healing practices. 

Opens Third Eye

woman's third eye chakra

The third eye acts as a gateway between the human consciousness and the spiritual realm.

It allows us to develop our psychic abilities and receive messages from other realms of consciousness. It is in the middle of the forehead and everyone has one, but not everyone’s third eye is open. 

Opening the third eye is seen as a huge part of a person’s spiritual awakening. It is a life-changing event and can truly change a person’s outlook on life. 

Because of Moldavite’s incredible spiritual powers, it is no wonder that this crystal is used to open up the third eye. This stone is heavily connected with spiritual realms and the universe as a whole, and therefore its incredible energy is often used to work with the third eye. 

Of course, there are dangers of opening the third eye that you must be aware of before you begin your journey!

You must make sure that you are ready to open up your third eye before you proceed in using Moldavite this way. 

Brings Forth Change 

Ultimately, what Moldavite does is bring forth change. Its intense spiritual powers allow us to make big changes in our lives, from spiritual changes to emotional changes.

Moldavite is the right crystal to use when we are wanting to gain a new outlook on life, bringing fresh ideas and spiritual awakening. 

Sometimes we get stuck in a routine and wish for a new way of living. By using Moldavite, we are welcoming change into our lives. 

How To Use Moldavite

Using Moldavite

With this wide range of metaphysical and healing properties, it is no wonder that many crystal healers see Moldavite as the ultimate stone!

It has so many amazing uses and can truly change a person’s way of life. 

If you are new to this crystal, you are probably wondering what the best ways of using this crystal are.

It must be said that Moldavite is an incredibly powerful crystal, so take it slow when you are working with it. The energies and vibrations that come off this stone can be pretty overwhelming!

Let’s look at the best ways of using Moldavite and how it can enhance our lives. 

Wear It

Like most crystals, Moldavite can be used by wearing it.

When we wear healing crystals, we are allowing their healing energies to be constantly around us and promote a deep connection between us and the stone. 

When we wear this stone, we are protecting ourselves from psychic attacks and negative energy.

By having Moldavite on us at all times, our auric field is constantly being cleansed and purified. 

If you are wanting to wear Moldavite, go slowly as to get used to its powerful vibrations.

For example, if you have it on a necklace, wear it for a few hours and then take it off for a bit. When you feel ready, you can put it back on again. 

If you wear the stone on your chest, you are connecting with your heart chakra. The Moldavite stone is able to heal and open up the heart chakra and bring forth love into your life. 

Meditate With It

Woman meditating with Moldavite

If you are wishing to use Moldavite for spiritual awakening and to develop your psychic abilities, meditating with this stone is your best way forward. 

Moldavite effects mean that you are able to transcend the physical world and connect with a higher spiritual realm.

If you meditate with this crystal, placing it on your third eye will allow you to open it up and develop your psychic abilities. 

Some people will get a reaction from using this stone for the first time, but this is normal! It is our souls and chakras getting used to the intense vibrations that come off Moldavite. 

Meditating with Moldavite will allow for intense spiritual growth.

It clears the mind and the auric field and therefore opens your soul to new psychic abilities. Moldavite allows for out-of-body experiences and connections with higher realms of existence.

When we meditate with this stone, we are opening up to messages from spirits and souls and exploration of the universe. 

Sleep With It

When you become comfortable with the intense frequencies of the Moldavite crystal, you may wish to start to sleep with the crystal under your pillow or by your bed. 

Because Moldavite connects you with spiritual realms and the unconsciousness, it can assist with lucid dreaming and astral travel.

When we are asleep, our souls are more open to things like this, and therefore bringing a Moldavite to bed with you can really enhance your spiritual growth!

If you are wishing to begin lucid dreaming, sleeping with a Moldavite crystal is a great way of kick-starting the process. 

Sleeping with a Moldavite crystal also allows for healing of our soul and auric field.

We know that our physical bodies heal during sleep, but so do our souls and minds! Using a moldavite crystal when sleeping allows us to heal our mind and spirit as we sleep, with our souls open to the stone’s wonderful energy. 

Allow Moldavite to Change Your Life 

The incredible Moldavite uses and effects can truly be life-changing, and I loved learning about this crystal while writing this article! It is amazing what this stone can do for us, and it has so many powerful effects. 

I really love the history of this stone and how it contains magic from the cosmos.

You can really tell when working with this stone as it allows us to connect with astral planes and receive messages from different realms of consciousness. 

If you feel ready to bring this crystal into your life, I strongly urge you to! It has amazing powers that allow you to change your life for the better. 

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed learning the uses and effects of Moldavite!

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