Prayer of an Aging Disciple - text on art inspired by cover of book "Answering God's Call" by Barbara Lee

Lord, grant me the grace
to live in the present and recognize what is possible
to look to the future and trust you
to be silent, and hear your voice in the stillness
to do what you ask without arguing
to humbly adapt to radical change
to serve, and to graciously accept being served
to give generously
to be ever grateful for all your generous gifts
to use all my gifts in whatever form of service you ask of me
to rejoice in all the graces you have given me
to forgive and ask forgiveness
to be sorry for all the times I have not responded to your call
to live in a way that bears witness to you
to have courage in times of trial
to let go of all that keeps me from drawing ever closer to you
to look forward to the future with hope
and to be ever surprised as you make all things new.

—Excerpted from Answering God’s Call by Barbara Lee

Download this prayer as a full-color printable page or as a coloring page for creative contemplation.