Most people seek divine guidance or divine intervention. They desire to receive spiritual guidance to know all the answers to the pressing questions they have. Receiving spiritual guidance is a normal longing to have, especially during instances in your life when you feel stuck and lost.

You start communicating with a higher power to be aware of the sense of being a lot more present with an open mind and soul. It is a matter of being in tune with your spirituality to receive clear guidance. To communicate with a higher power is to have faith and listen with clear consciousness and direction for you to properly pay attention.

Asking for wisdom, guidance, healing, or truth, you consider this to be a big deal! People turn to meditation or prayer during such vulnerable moments. It is a part of our human nature to seek answers from a higher power, being a way to encourage ourselves to listen and hear the spirit guide. However, it has come to our attention that you don’t know what a spirit guide is!

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • Discovering How to Receive Divine Guidance
  • The Extraordinary Existence of Spirit Guides
  • How to Feel Connected to the Spirit Guides Powerfully
  • Effective Ways to Communicate With Your Spirit Guides
  • Spiritual Guidance in Different Religions

What is Spiritual Guidance to You?

Spiritual guidance is, at its core, the practice and understanding of gaining divine wisdom. The practice of communicating with a Greater Power has been with humanity throughout the eras and can be in almost every belief structure (Dunn & Horgas, 2001).

Furthermore, Spiritual Guidance assists people as they seek to strengthen their connection with the divine or learn and grow in their personal faith. The person seeking guidance shares stories about their encounters with the divine or how they are fostering a spiritual awakening.

How Can You Receive Spiritual Guidance?

First and foremost, remember to keep an open mind! You can’t expect to receive spiritual guidance if you are so close-minded all the time. Always bear in mind that when you feel called to receive new wisdom and healing, you need to welcome new knowledge and form a better connection. A person can strike a conversation with the divine through meditation for as long as they focus on the “light of life”.

It is important to learn how to receive spiritual guidance because not only will it benefit you, but it will benefit your loved ones as well. You will find that the very process of meditation with an open mind will bring about more answers for matters you want to resolve. Also remember that in spiritual guidance, the “divine” is a subjective term, we all believe and worship different entities.

Now, Exactly What Are Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides exist! They simply come in all shapes and sizes, there is no such thing as only one type of spirit guide.  The universe bestows upon us spiritual guidance in many different ways. Spirit guides are human or nonhuman entities who live in the spiritual realm and share their knowledge with the living.

Guardian angels, animal or nature spirits, gods or goddesses, saints or departed loved ones, and ancestors who have crossed over to the spirit realm are all examples of them. According to believers, spirit guides assist humans in their daily lives even when they are unaware of the guides’ presence. Those who are keen need to seek out their guides to obtain practical and mystical knowledge, healing abilities, and protection.

In a manner of speaking, god and angels go in line with one another, you may recognize those two terms going hand in hand in Christianity. God is known to be the higher power in the Christian bible and the angels are his powerful servants. Other religions have their own spirit guides, but we have yet to discuss how spiritual guidance works in different belief systems.

spiritual guidance and beliefs

How Can You Connect and Communicate with Your Spirit Guide?

#1: Search for Signs and Symbols

Spirit guides will frequently enter your life by sending you signs, which are also known as synchronicities. “A meaningful coincidence,” according to Carl Jung, is what synchronicity is. For example, suppose you realize you need to improve your romantic relationship after a fight with your partner before bedtime. The next day you notice a book about communication in relationships sitting on a colleague’s desk.

They may also communicate with you via numbers or number sequences such as 111, or you may have a lucky number, and when you go for a work meeting, your magic number is in the corporation’s address.

Spirit guides may communicate with you through musical messages, such as a song that always inspires you to play on the radio when you get in the car after a long day. They may also send you a dream with advice on how to deal with a situation, or a guide may appear to you in a dream.

Your spirit guides may also send helpful people and opportunities your way, which is another way of communication that frequently involves taking action. It can be regarding the person or opportunity your guide has sent or put on your path.

#2: Enhance Your Everyday Awareness

Recognizing the messages your spirit guides are already sending is part of receiving more guidance from them. Oftentimes,  the messages our guides send us to go unnoticed because our lives or minds are too busy. If possible, try freeing up some time in your schedule or delegating some responsibilities.

You’ll notice more messages from your guides when you’re not rushing around. Find a meditation practice that works for you to help quiet your mind and improve your ability to create more space between your thoughts.

#3: Heighten Your Senses and Lookout

The more you look for signs from your guides, the more you’ll recognize what they’re saying. But something magical happens as well. As your guides detect that you are becoming more conscious of them and their valuable messages, they will send you more!

Remind yourself on your way to work on the train or in the shower that your guides send you messages every day. If you’re trying to make a big decision, or if you’re going through a lot of changes or challenges, expect more guidance to come your way to help you get through it.

#4: Recall and Journal

Make a separate journal just for increasing communication between you and your guides. It is a sacred ritual where you can write a letter to your guides and ask for specific assistance. Whereas your guides are very familiar with you and your life, it can be very effective to use your free will to seek help and encouragement. You can also use this journal to keep track of any significant signals they send.

Compose a letter to your guides at the start of the week, thanking them for a sentence or two about anything in your life that you think they’ve helped with recently. After which, in a few sentences, ask for their assistance or advice on a specific issue. Keep an eye out for synchronicities from your guides regarding this issue for the rest of the week.

#5: Name and Get to Know Your Spirit Guides

You could give one of your spirit guides a name you really like, such as Avery. Or you could be thinking of your spirit guide while reading a name in a book, such as Rafael or Adriana, and that name becomes their name.

Providing a guide a name helps them feel more authentic, which may encourage you to communicate with them more frequently. You may even get to know the character of one of your guides after living with them for a while. Find out if a name for one of your guides comes to you through instinct or serendipity. On the other hand, you can just get creative and give them a name.

If your spirit guide is constantly assisting you in taking your career to new heights, they may be serious and driven. Another guide might be more whimsical and always send you amusing advice, empowering you to lighten up and have some fun.

#6: Offer and Surrender

There will be times when you feel in distress with a situation, unsure of the best next step, or feeling like you don’t have enough control. When this happens, turn it over to your guides. Even if it were just to give yourself a breather. These could result in new learnings to come to you and give your guides more freedom to do their work and assist you.

Experiment with releasing an issue to your guides vigorously, even if only briefly. Instead of strategizing and worrying, try to relax your mind. Use a mantra like, “I’m handing this issue over to my guides to see what they will do.”

#7: Improve your Instincts, Trust your Intuition

All of us have intuition, and with study and practice, everyone can improve their intuition. There are four main intuitive pathways that you can experiment with and develop. Guidance can be heard as gentle voices in your mind or seen as images in your mind. It can be known as breakthrough thoughts or felt as energy, feelings, or sensory cues. Exercise utilizing your instinct to create small choices that don’t have a big impact, such as where to eat with a friend.

What if You Disconnect from your Spirit Guides?

Don’t be worried if you’re feeling withdrawn from your spirit guides. You have and will always have a connection to them.  Whether you notice them or not, your spirit guides are present and working on your behalf behind the scenes. More often than not we lose touch with our spirit guides during the most difficult times in our lives. But this is when our spirit guides can and want to help us even more.

Your spirit guides sincerely desire a deeper bond with you. You may be pleasantly surprised by how many messages you notice as you open up to them and try to communicate with them more. Your spirit guides have already sent you numerous messages!

How does Spiritual Guidance work in Different Religions?

#1: Christianity

Spiritual guidance is a private discussion with a knowledgeable guide who assists you in hearing God’s voice in your daily life. This allows you to reflect on the direction of your life and increase your awareness of God’s presence.

However, you should know that spiritual guidance is not the same as therapy or pastoral counseling. Spiritual helpers do not provide solutions to problems. Rather they assist you in listening to the truth of your life and the movement of the Spirit within you.

#2: Judaism

In Jewish spiritual guidance, a person meets with their spiritual director once a month for one hour. The spiritual director is a companion and a witness who walks with you on your journey, offering loving, supportive, non-judgmental, undivided attention to your narrative.

As you sit together in the presence of the sacred, new experiences, feelings, and insights emerge. This transpires in the safety and loving regard thereby given, which were rarely heard in the stresses of everyday life for several reasons.

#3: Islam

Islam has a spiritual guidance concept known as “Hidayah,” which is an Arabic word that means “guidance.” According to Islamic belief, Allah has provided humans with guidance, predominantly in the form of the Qur’an.

Not only is Hidayah, or guidance, provided by the Quran, but also by Muhammad and how he spent his whole life. This is known as the Sunnah of the Prophet. Muslims hope to achieve a better way of life by following his teachings and the guidelines in the Quran.

#4: Hinduism

The Murti are sacred images that Hindus use to describe the different forms of God. A murti can be crafted from wood, stone, or metal. Murti provides a method for visualizing and meditating on Brahman, which is thought to be beyond the human mind’s grasp due to its infinite nature.

Murti is frequently mistranslated as “idol”, but a more accurate translation is “embodiment”. Hindu families revere at home shrines daily and at temples on special occasions. Many Hindus seek spiritual guidance or advice from gurus (recognized spiritual teachers and guides).

#5: Shintoism

The Japanese seek Shinto support by praying at home altars or visiting shrines. Shrines sell a variety of talismans for traffic safety, overall wellness, company growth, safe childbirth, good academic performances, and other purposes.

Shinto shrines serve as both places of worship and residences for kami. Thus many shrines hold festivals regularly to show the kami the outside world. Shinto priests carry out Shinto rituals and frequently live on shrine grounds. Priests can be both men and women, and they can marry and have children. During rituals and shrine tasks, priests are assisted by younger women.

#6: Buddhism

Within Buddhism, there are two major streams: the Hinayana, or Lesser Vehicle, and the Mahayana, or Great Vehicle. The practice of relying on a Spiritual Guide is fundamental to both. According to the Hinayana, we must perceive our Spiritual Guide as a Buddha and, with faith and devotion, offer gifts and service to him. Then repay his compassion by following his guidance and obeying his directions.

However, according to the Mahayana, we should consider our Spiritual Guide as an actual Buddha and rely on him wholeheartedly in both thought and action. All divine teaching, whether Hinayana or Mahayana, Sutra or Tantra, is dependent on the direction and graces of a competent Spiritual Guide.

Final Word:

Always remember to keep an open mind when it comes to dabbling in the many various Spiritual Guidances the earth has to offer!

Which of the ways you can connect and communicate with your Spirit Guide do you find to be more interesting and effective?

Comment your answers down below.