There will always be consequences to all the actions we make. But sometimes it is quite perplexing why something seemingly so small and insignificant creates such a tremendous impact. The cause-and-effect of certain matters tend to be quite baffling but the universe does have a greater purpose for all! This is precisely why Pholus Astrology exists!

Our connection to the universe itself is truly undeniable. Although we are in control of our thoughts and actions, the universe is still undoubtedly the most powerful force. The universe has a system on how to guide us towards the right path, everything happens for a reason. All thoughts and actions have a cause and effect, hence the existence of Pholus Astrology.

The universe has a system on how to direct us towards certain directions in life. That very system involves the constellations and planets in our solar system. The universe has cosmic plans, and it has cosmic ways of communicating those plans to us. 

It must be very frustrating trying to come up with solutions to your problems all by yourself. But what if we told you that the universe can come to your aid if you only ask? That you can gain the answers to your questions through the planets and stars? Would you like to ascertain what path in life or course of action you should take?

Well then, you are in for a treat! In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • Determining the Ripple Effects of your Decisions with Pholus Astrology
  • Wielding Nessus Astrology to Rid of Toxic Patterns and People
  • Using your Nessus Moon to Identify Abusive Behaviors
  • Applying the Centaur Zodiac to Achieve Self-Control
  • Making Use of your Juno Sign to Discover your Soulmate
  • Utilizing your Eros Sign to Spice Up Your Love Life

What is Pholus Astrology to You?

The word “Pholus” is from Greek Mythology, a centaur that’s half-human and half-horse – just like the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Pholus Astrology can effectively help you search for answers to the most pressing questions you have. Your decision-making process is also taken into account when it comes to understanding this concept. It helps you establish the consequences of your possible actions before you even decide to act upon them. 

Additionally, the very essence of Pholus Astrology is conquering your inner demons. Breaking free from toxic habit patterns, circumstances, and people is an enormous milestone you can ever achieve in life. Thus, making this an incredibly important concept to apply to yourself. We deserve the best things in life, considering we went through perilous storms to get to where we are now!

Significance of Nessus Astrology

The word “Nessus” is the name of an evil centaur who assaulted Greek Hero, Hercules’s lover Dejanira. Nessus’s selfish desire to have Dejanira was so great that he manipulates the poor woman into killing Hercules. Hence, Nessus Astrology centers on the idea that there will always be the tendency to obsess over something or someone. Leading to you doing horrible things to get them at any cost which can be shown in your Natal Chart.

Selfishness will always be a cruel monster that roams around the world that poisons our minds and hearts. Nessus conveys the fact that there are certain times in life when we will feel an uncontrollable sense of violence. The horrendous kind of feeling that a person undergoes as a result of greed and envy. 

Tuning Into Your Nessus Moon

Your Nessus Moon has something to do with the abuse of women and femininity in general. It focuses more on emotional abuse, typically abuses that occur in households that damage emotional bonds. Depending on your interpretation of this, you will really need to dig deeper and read in between the lines of your life. Although Nessus revolves around the general idea of abuse, there is the need to find out certain things. Confirming whether you are the abused or the abuser is vital to consider when looking into your Nessus Moon.

Take this piece of information with a grain of salt though. It would be wise to not take these things to heart but rather use them as stepping stones to improve. Either you should finally choose to step up to your abuser and courageously say “No more!” Or realizing your faults, making amends, and aspiring to become better.

Centaur Zodiac: Self-Control

According to Greek Mythology, centaurs can tell us a lot about where we came from and where we are headed. In astrology, centaurs either have a noble and idealistic influence or destructive primal urges. Despite this, it is also necessary to have because it will instill in us a sense of responsibility. The very nature of the Centaur Zodiac is to be able to control those strong urges of ours. Urges that may lead to the destruction of ourselves and others.

This concept relates to Pholus Astrology because “Pholus” is a specific centaur who is known to be kind-hearted and wise. Unlike a lot of centaurs in Greek Mythology, Pholus is one of those who prides himself on decency and goodwill. Just like how we can consider Nessus to be Pholus’s opposite for being a horribly obscene centaur.

Finding Your Soulmate Through Your Juno Sign

Juno represents the divine union of marriage and what you need in a partner. This is because Juno is the Roman counterpart of the Greek Goddess Hera who oversees marriage. Thus, symbolizing our relationship needs, and whichever sign passes through Juno on your birth chart is allegedly your soulmate’s sign. This is why Pholus Astrology also calls for you to consider what you do for the sake of your soulmate.

Furthermore, Juno represents your innermost desire to unite with a person who you see as your equal. You will want to commit and completely devote yourself to this person and plan a future with them together. In fact, any kind of intimate relationship falls under the jurisdiction of Juno. Submission and domination, trust and deception, fidelity and infidelity, forgiveness and revenge are such issues Juno handles. So when it comes to dealing with problems of finding your soulmate, be sure to check on your Juno.

finding your soulmate with Pholus Astrology

Eros Sign: Tips to Spice Up Your Romance

#1: Use Your Eros Sign to Know Your Turn-Ons

Given that Eros is the god of intimate love and desire, it represents everything that ignites the fire in you. And since we are all built differently, we all have different preferences as to what kindles our romantic flame. For this reason, it is more than necessary to know what drives our passion during intimacy.

#2: Embrace Whatever It Is You Find to Be Pleasurable

There is also the need to accept whatever it is you find to be pleasurable during intimacy. Romance demands acceptance of who you truly are and what your genuine intimate nature is. If you continue to deny yourself what ignites your romantic flame, that would leave you with little to no satisfaction. Fulfillment is when you finally embrace the fact that “this is what I want and like in intimacy”. Whatever it may be.

#3: Know Which Zodiac Sign You Find Most Attractive

Always consider certain characteristics of a human being before you get intimate with them. This is why it is important to have regard for the zodiac signs you find most attractive to you. Every human being has different qualities because – then again – we are all built differently, no one ever is the same. Therefore, you always need to take into account what you desire in a person. Know what you want.

#4: Bear In Mind Sign Compatibility

Consent is the key when it comes to intimacy; although that is a given, we also need to consider compatibility. Two people decide to pursue a relationship together…the relationship will fall apart if they aren’t suitable for one another. In order for any kind of relationship to thrive, a couple will need to get along harmoniously. If two people clearly don’t get along, there is absolutely little doubt that their relationship will falter as a result. Then again, Pholus Astrology wants you to consider the wants and needs of your partner as well.

#5: Harness Your Deepest Intimate Desires 

Once you’re completely certain of what you want during romantic intimacy, it’s time for you to put those into action! Communicate these things with your partner and make sure that the magnitudes of your fiery passions match. Communication and consent are really important things to consider when it comes to intimacy. It is two of the most important aspects of any kind of relationship.

Final Word

Pholus Astrology is paramount to understanding your life decisions and their impacts. It encourages you to overcome and conquer your inner demons!

Now, which tip to spice up your romance in your Eros Sign did you like best?

Don’t hesitate to comment your answers down below!