It can be very conflicting when it comes to trying to create balance in our life. Everyone desires a harmonious lifestyle, but the truth is that it is quite difficult to attain and maintain. That is precisely why you need Quincunx Astrology!

The very essence of Quincunx Astrology revolves around the concept of balance which is a natural human desire to have. However, it is undoubtedly a struggle when it comes to sustaining a lifestyle that has balance. It is all about making sure every aspect of your life has the right amount of proportions and measurements.

We tend to find ourselves struggling to establish a common ground with various aspects of our life. Some things just don’t go well together and disagreements are unavoidable and sometimes uncompromisable. Thus, the concept of adjustment is associated with Quincunx Astrology as both planets and points signify distinct areas of life.

Curious as to how you can overcome these types of challenges?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • Redirecting your energy to reach its full potential
  • Acquiring better compromise through the planets
  • Making proper adjustments in your life using Quincunx Astrology
  • Diverting the power of your planets towards improvement

What is Quincunx Astrology?

The Quincunx or Inconjunct Astrology is an aspect in astrology that is formed in between planets that are roughly 150-degrees apart. Using an orb of 2-degrees, the given planets and points can be from 140-degrees to 152-degrees apart. The Quincunx Symbol is basically a geometric shape that consists of five points arranged in a cross. Four of them form a square or rectangle and a fifth at its center.

Additionally, the planets and points involved in quincunx astrology don’t exactly agree with each other unless it’s out-of-sign. This means that not only are the signs different elements but they also have different tones. Take two of the most obvious oppositional zodiac signs – fire and water both struggle to establish a common ground.

When certain planets of yours are part of an opposition, this causes an imbalance. This is because the planets on the other end of the spectrum are left out. However, there is always the opportunity to find balance one way or another. Although we should still note that it is challenging to unite the energies of the planets in question.

Significance of Quincunx Astrology and Synastry

It is through the Quincunx Astrology and Synastry will we better understand the dynamics of human relationships and love. Nothing else in our universe can so profoundly affect our lives compared to the bonds we make with others. You should approach both concepts with an open mind as well as an open heart.

The foundation of almost every meaningful human relationship we make in life is love. Having an open mind will be very beneficial when it comes to strengthening the ties we have. Balance also correlates with this concept because, for any kind of relationship to thrive, there needs to be harmony. Too much of something leads to destruction, as does too little of anything.

Synastry and Quincunx Astrology are necessities to have in life. They provide answers to the questions of what we lack and what we need more. It really does help to have a guide that will help us down the path to improvement and stability. We all desire stable relationships of all sorts, this is precisely why there is the need for these two concepts.

Concept of Adjustment in Quincunx Astrology

To achieve balance, we must learn to make adjustments in Quincunx Astrology! We have particular needs and wants that require modification that demands a lot of energy to stabilize them. For example, with a Venus-Moon quincunx, our values and loving nature (Venus) and our deepest emotions (Moon) are difficult to fuse.

There is the need to separate the needs of our Venus from the needs of our Moon. The adjustments to be made depending on what the Venus and Moon represent in your life. It will also rest on the houses they rule, their positions, and the individuals who are part of them.

On the other hand, we should also be wary of overindulgence. There is nothing wrong with loads of self-care, however, you need to remember that there should also be regulation. Too much of anything leads to dissatisfaction with both planets. Given that planets Venus and Moon entail pleasure and comfort, we tend to overcompensate when lacking in those planet aspects. 

Furthermore, it is quite demanding when it comes to simultaneously satisfy the needs of two diverging planets. This is somewhat expected when dealing with your quincunx since its essence also displays vulnerabilities people may take advantage of. However, this is also useful in terms of being able to identify the hindrances you need to work on. 

Handling Unbalanced Quincunxes with Synastry

Oftentimes, Quincunxes make us feel the people, events, and other factors that cause the imbalance of our houses and planets. It is for this reason that we need to redirect the energies of the preceding components. This brings us to discuss the significance of the synastry meaning.

Synastry revolves around the relationship and comparison of two astrological charts to determine the strengths and weaknesses to work on. It is an important resource for people who wish to examine their relationship with another person. They can do so using the aspects between them and the other person’s birth chart.

You should remember that an astrology chart consists of the sun sign, moon sign, rising, and eight planets. Each of these rules a specific area of your life which you should consider when making any sort of assessment. It is most useful when it comes to evaluating our affiliation with anything and anyone in terms of compatibility.

restore balance with quincunx astrology

Know Your Planets and Luminaries in Synastry

We have the Moon, Venus, and Mars. The Moon governs emotions and the way we instinctively respond, making it an important factor to consider when making assessments. Venus rules our loving nature which helps us gravitate towards certain people. And Mars represents our drive when it comes to intimacy.

The Sun and Ascendant are also crucial factors in synastry. Given that our core personality comes from the Sun and our outer demeanor is represented by our Ascendant. These two are both important because of the fact that they play a huge role when it comes to first impressions.

Noteworthy Aspects to Consider in Synastry

#1: Conjunctions

These are planets that have the same signs. This brings two planetary energies together while simultaneously amplifying their effect on each other. It is the most powerful aspect in synastry and produces harmony or discord depending on the planets. 

#2: Trine

This is what you would call planets that form a 150-degree angle. This is the most positive aspect of synastry because it generates harmony and compatibility. However, you should note that too many similarities can also cause boredom.

#3: Sextile

These are planets that form a 60-degree angle that creates a harmonious merging of planetary energies. Similarly, with the Trine, this aspect is a lot more invigorating since the two signs are of oppositional elements. Meaning, this would spark more moving sensations with both of them.

#4: Square

Planets that form a 60-degree angle which causes tension and stress. Even though this aspect causes an exciting and compelling response, it can be quite challenging. There will be instances when the planets will try to dominate each other which results in conflict. If there are too many squares in the two charts, the negative qualities in both constituents will amplify.

#5: Opposition

These are what you call planets that form a 180-degree angle which is powerful and deep but sometimes destabilizing. The reverses of the same planetary energies make contact in this aspect. It can be compared to a mirror image and creates a strong attraction. 

#6: Quincunx

The planets that are within a 1 to 2-degree orb cause the planetary energies to not blend easily, generating conflict. This awakens the sense of competitiveness between the two proponents. The aspect invokes bickering and rivalry which is evidence of imbalance.

Final Word

The universe has a way of providing us the answer to our problems. One of which is evidently the longing to have a harmonious lifestyle. And that is exactly what Quincunx Astrology is all about, bringing balance!

Are there specific aspects of synastry you believe you have which you need to work on?

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