The California Air Resources Board has caused massive shortages in the United States. Because of their prejudice and hatred towards diesel trucks, these imperialist socialists have caused this problem.

They limited the number of vehicles that could pick up or deliver goods to or from California’s ports or railroads. All diesel trucks constructed after 2007 must be registered before they can be operated at ports. This means that just half of all trucking vehicles in the United States can run because half of them have engines older than 2007. Trucking corporations hired locals with newer trucks to drive into ports and railroads, then used their older trucks to transport the load. The California Air Resources Board blocked that from happening, so trucks built after 2007 had to go to the state line to convert to older engines. As you can see, the British empire 2.0 TISJ controlled democratic imperial socialist California is harming the U.S. through the Clean Air Action Plan (climate change aka population reduction by stealth eugenics).

California was left with little more than 5,500 trucks in 2020 as the criteria shifted to truck engines manufactured in 2014 or later. The harsh California Air Resources Board then stated that we may only allow older trucks if they have particulate removers and reduce emissions by 85 percent. The cost of retrofitting would be between $10,000 and $35,000, and would essentially be a type of catalytic converter. Thousands of containers are brought in by large ocean-going cargo ships. The capacity of the 2015 neo-Panamax ships is 14,424 TEU, divided into 20 foot (1 TEU) and 40 foot (2 TEU) sections. So a single ship could carry approximately 7200 containers, which is more than the whole trucking capacity. The Ever Ace has a length of 1300 feet and a capacity of 23,992 TEUs, including 12,000 40-foot ocean containers. With only 5,500 vehicles that couldn’t load/unload, I calculated how long it would take to deal with these containers on a daily basis. If you’re working twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you won’t be able to meet the room at the ports or remove/deliver containers.

The green climate scam has caused huge problems once again, as it was meant to do. Ports can be found in Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach, and Oakland. Consider this, and keep in mind that these same British Empire 2.0 TISJ stooges have already made using Washington or Oregon ports difficult. Vessels cannot simply transit the Panama Canal and enter the Texas/Gulf. If vessels from Asia use the route, the transit time and toll must be increased. The transit time increase would be around nineteen additional days. For a typical small vessel, the minimum toll via the Panama Canal is $800. A neo-panamax vessel toll would be $2,160,000 (2 million+), not including tug assistance, line handlers, locomotive wires, canal inspection, security surcharge, oil pollution control fees, bank commission, and fumigation, for a total of $2,192,913 (2 million+). Consider the additional fuel required to keep this one vessel running for another nineteen days. Because of their girth, vessels like the Ever Ace cannot even pass through the Panama Canal, forcing them to circumnavigate South America. A South American route adds 8,000 miles and five months of journey time. This is how imperial socialists hold everyone hostage, and it’s all done on purpose for the British Empire’s eugenics programme and The Great Reset. If harsh tactics are abandoned, the container backlog might be cleared in as little as sixty days.

Let me remind you who controls global shipping: Elizabeth II and Charles Windsor, both of whom are in command of the powerful Masonic lodge known and hidden as The Worshipful Company of Shipwrights. The Governor named twelve (imperial socialists) to the California Air Resources Board’s board. The governor appoints the chair currently Liane Randolph. The others are associated with environmental justice movements. I’ve listed the members of the board. You can now investigate their individual histories and connections:

Liane M. Randolph
Sandra Berg
John Eisenhut
Daniel Sperling, Ph.D
John R. Balmes, MD
Diane Takvorian
Dean Florez
Hector De La Torre
Davina Hurt
Barbara Riordan
Phil Serna
Nathan Fletcher
Tania Pacheco-Werner, Ph.D.
Gideon Kracov
Eduardo Garcia, Assemblymember
Connie M. Leyva, Senator